Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Automatically create Eclipse projects for your Scala projects using sbt

In my previous post, I described the bare minimum you need to know to get started using sbt.  In this post, I will describe how sbt can be used to automatically create the .project and .classpath files you need to create for loading your project into the Eclipse IDE. Using sbt to create your Eclipse project files ensures that they are always in sync with your build definition. And of course, it saves a lot of the clicks or key strokes need to manually specify classpaths in Eclipse.

Step 1
Install the Eclipse plugin for Scala, if you don't already have it installed.
Step 2
Add the following lines to myproject/project/plugins/build.sbt. This tells sbt that you want to use the sbteclipse plugin. Note that this build.sbt is different from the build.sbt at the top level of your project, i.e. in myproject/ directory.
resolvers += Classpaths.typesafeResolver

addSbtPlugin("com.typesafe.sbteclipse" % "sbteclipse" % "1.4.0")
Step 3
From the myproject/ directory, type
sbt "eclipse create-src"
This step will create the .project and .classpath files required by Eclipse inside the myproject/ directory.
Step 4
Import the project into Eclipse. Following the menu File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace and browse to myproject

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